Scheduling Conflict Causes Change of Date for All Band’s Night

There has been a change to the schedule for a very popular night of music hosted by the Mt. Pleasant Community School’s Bands. All Band’s Night was scheduled for October 17th, but is now set for Thursday, October 26th.

The reason for this change comes after discussion with the activity director. There is a regional volleyball game on the original date, and the band directors work hard to ensure that parents and students don’t need to choose between events.

All Band’s Night is one of the most important performances of the season, as it features every band in the school district. That night is also band senior recognition and parent night. The band directors do not usually make big changes like this, so they appreciate your understanding.

Once again, the date for All Band’s Night is now Thursday, October 26th where you will have the opportunity to enjoy 5th-12th grade band.