Severe Weather Awareness Week: Watch v. Warning

Severe Weather Awareness Week starts today and goes through the 29th in Iowa. The Des Moines County Emergency Management posted a graphic from detailing the difference between a Thunderstorm Watch and a Thunderstorm Warning.

As most Iowans know, thunderstorms are no strangers to this land, and they can be fun to watch and listen to, as long as the proper preparations are taken.

A severe thunderstorm watch is when the conditions are right for a severe storm to happen. During this time, it is a good idea to listen to updates and know where to take shelter.

A severe thunderstorm warning is issued when a severe storm is happening or just about to happen, and shelter should be sought immediately.

Outdoor Warning Sirens will be activated with a severe thunderstorm with 70+ mph winds. This is due to the potential for whole trees to snap or uproot, causing significant damage to life and property.

As a reminder, a statewide tornado drill will take place this Wednesday, March 27th, at 10 in the morning.