Stranded Family Rescued

On 7/21/2022 the LeeComm Center was contacted at 10:45 PM in regards to a stranded family on a
pontoon boat, floating south on the Mississippi River. The Montrose Police Department was contacted
and after exhausting attempts to find other boats to help the stranded boaters, the Lee County Sheriff’s
Office was contacted for assistance. The newly acquired Rescue Boat, “The Legacy” was launched at the
Montrose harbor and the stranded boaters were towed safely back to shore within a few minutes.
Law enforcement expressed gratitude to all those who gave so generously to Lee County Crime
Stoppers for this valuable piece of equipment to be purchased and utilized here in Lee County. Without
the continued support of those in our Community, these and many other important projects would not
be possible.
Assistance on the scene was also provided by Montrose Police Department and Buddy Hoenig of