Summer is Officially Here! Firework Schedule and Rules for City of Mount Pleasant

Now that summer is officially here, long nights, bbqs, and pool parties are certain. What also seems to be certain is shooting off fireworks long into the night to watch them explode in a burst of beautiful colors in the sky. Mount Pleasant DOES ALLOW fireworks, but there are limits to the times that they can be used. From now until the 28th, fireworks can only be set off between 9:00am and 10:00pm. June 29th, 30th, and July 4th, brings an extra hour on the end of that for extra explosions.

Please be courteous and remember your neighbors, pets, and especially veterans.

Fireworks may not be used/exploded:

-On city property (streets, parks, sidewalks, etc.) without specific permission of the —-City Council

-On private property without permission of the owner

In a manner that deposits litter/waste on neighbor’s property or streets, sidewalks, etc.

For questions, please call the Mount Pleasant Police Department at (319) 385-1450 or City Hall at (319) 385-1470.