Two Deceased Residents of Nursing Home Not Administered CPR

A nursing home in Fort Madison was cited by the State after a requirement regarding Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was not met. Based on clinical record review, staff interviews, and facility policy review, Aspire of Donnelson failed to follow Physician Orders to initiate CPR for two residents between January 18th and January 29th of 2024. One resident, named as resident #6 expired on January 18th and resident #11 expired on January 29th. The facility was informed of the immediate jeopardy on February 1st.

According to the report, a male resident was observed lying in bed with ashen color and absence of respirations around 5:15 the morning of the 18th. No heart sounds were found, and a pulse was not discovered at the carotid artery. The aide who discovered the body asked a nurse if she needed to begin CPR. The nurse explained that she had not been put in that situation before and was not sure if the resident was “full code” or not. According to the aide, her question was never answered, and the nurse informed the family of the death. CPR was never administered according to the report.

Less than two weeks later on January 29th, a second resident was found unresponsive. According to medical records, a female resident was checked on by a CNA at 9:55pm that night and the resident was found unresponsive with no pulse. The female resident was then picked up by a funeral home before the night was over, and her family was notified. No attempts of CPR were performed by staff.

Staff members were educated on CPR and responding to emergencies.