City Council Votes to Approve New Trash Pickup System in Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant City Council met yesterday evening to vote on the new trash-pickup system in the city. Though there were a few last-minute questions from citizens, these were promptly answered, and the vote took place without fuss. The council voted to approve the new trash pickup system with three tiers in a contract with Lance Refuse and WEMIGA Waste.

Each “tier” provides an option for individual households to pursue. The 1st option is a 95-gallon container picked up once a week for $19.75. Option 2 and 3 are both a 65-gallon container. The difference is that option 2 is $16.75 a month and the container is picked up once a week, while the 3rd option is picked up once a month for $10.

According to the city’s lawyer, they do not need to go through three additional readings due to adding the 3rd tier, because this is seen as a benefit to the people who asked for change.

The Chief of Police spoke up when a resident, with a private dumpster, asked about what they are to do if unauthorized people dump their trash in a private dumpster. Chief Murray told them to call the police, as that is a crime. Mayor Brimhall gave an additional option of buying a padlock and putting it on your dumpster.

Mayor Steve Brimhall mentioned how an exact date cannot be given for when this system will begin, due in large part to the recent snowstorm, however he did say it will be in March. Containers will be delivered to residences in late February.


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